Fans Worry Over ATEEZ’s San Keeping Alcohol In His Room For Very Different Reasons

He showed off his collection during a live stream.

As K-Pop idols feel more free to reveal parts of themselves as they age, the topic has often turned to their drinking experiences. Groups now film content where they drink on camera, letting fans see what they are like when drunk.

Members of SEVENTEEN while drinking. 

Other idols like BTS‘s Jungkook have openly shared their collections of alcohol with fans, surprising many with the amount they have paid for some of the more expensive items.

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Recently, ATEEZ‘s San showed off his collection of alcohol, earning an unexpected reaction from fans.

ATEEZ’s San | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

During a livestream, San talked about his alcohol collection, mentioning that it had been a while since he had a drink and was mainly keeping the alcohol for gifting purposes.

I’ve collected a lot of alcohol. Last time I had a drink with mingi and since then I haven’t had [one]. I’ve just kept it and I’m going to use it for gifting or something like that.

— San

He then showed the drinks he had resting on his headboard, around 8-9 bottles in total.

While a few fans were concerned over the San having the amount of alcohol…

…most couldn’t help but comment on San keeping the alcohol above where he sleeps. It’s easy to see why — for example, one of the bottles appears to be whiskey from the Johnnie Walker brand.

| Johnnie Walker

If the large bottle, filled with around a liter of liquid, were to fall while San was sleeping, it would no doubt cause some physical harm.

Fans relayed their worries online, using comedy to urge the star to move his drinks from the location he currently has them in.