Seonghwa’s Response To Who The Visual Of ATEEZ Is Was Nothing Short Of Adorable

He got so shy!

There’s no denying that ATEEZ is a group full of visuals, and that deciding on any one member for that title would be basically impossible.

There are a couple of members, however — namely Seonghwa and Yeosang — who a lot of fans believe could have that title, just due to the fact that they fit the “visual” role well. And looking at these two, it should be easy to see why!

During a recent interview with WIRED, the members of ATEEZ sat down to answer some of the web’s most-searched questions about the group. From answering if they lip sync (spoiler: they don’t) to what they smell like, the video was definitely an entertaining one!

One of the questions asked was who the visual member of ATEEZ is. Though Hongjoong read the question aloud, he quickly looked back at Seonghwa… And asked him to give the answer.

After looking slightly panicked and very shy, he finally was able to get out, “Maybe… Me?”

Seonghwa has been open about having low self-esteem in the past, and though he has gotten more confident since he debuted with ATEEZ due to ATINYs’ love — which means lots of selfies of the idol for fans to be blessed with! — it’s nice to hear him verbally confirm his confidence, even if he was shy about it.


He later went on to say that all the members of ATEEZ are visuals, though, which is impossible to argue with! If you haven’t seen it already, watch ATEEZ answer the web’s most-searched questions about them below.