Fans Wanted To Know What ATEEZ Smell Like — And Seonghwa Had The Most Hilarious Answer

Park Seonghwa strikes again.

ATEEZ recently sat down with WIRED to answer some of fans’ most burning questions, and many of them were really funny. Though perhaps not as funny as what ATEEZ had to say in response.

It turns out that one of the most searched questions about ATEEZ on the internet is “What does ATEEZ smell like?

| WIRED/YouTube

Hongjoong seemed amused by the question, and the members did not hesitate to give their (let’s say, honest) opinions. According to Jongho, ATEEZ smell like flowers…

…while San thinks it’s shampoo. Mingi and Wooyoung were a little more specific, saying that ATEEZ smell like jasmine and wood.

But no one was prepared for Seonghwa‘s answer, because, according to him, ATEEZ smell like…baby lotion.

ATEEZ seemed to find that hilarious…

…but ATINYs had a bit of a struggle processing that.

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Funnily enough, this is far from the first time Seonghwa causes a meltdown in the past week, as he and Yunho took some interesting pictures over the weekend that left fans absolutely shook. But in terms of fans’ most searched questions about ATEEZ, the members were also able to make fans proud once again by confirming that ATEEZ does not lip sync—as well as revealing many other interesting facts about themselves. You can watch the full video below!