ATEEZ Are The Most Supportive Members After San Explains Why He Once Cried As A Trainee

They are their own biggest fans!

The members of ATEEZ answered some pop-quiz style questions and carried out fun experiments on the YouTube series, Idolstein Institute, revealing that San had once cried in his monthly evaluation when he was a trainee. When San explained the story, the members proved they were the most supportive by immediately reassuring him of what his accomplishments.

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The group was asked a few questions in which they had to fill in the blanks with the correct answer. One of them was, “In order to become a unique performance group, ATEEZ even did…?” Mingi immediately had an answer, looking to San and saying “ATEEZ even cried during their monthly reviews. Choi San?”

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Wooyoung asked San to explain why he cried, and San said that there had been a song he had really wanted to perform. But he had been unable to do it because his skill level wasn’t quite high enough at that time.

Even though that had upset him then, his members made sure to point out that San is now one of the most recognizable performance talents in the industry and that he can do it all! Seonghwa even said, “You shine more than anyone now,” which is something that many fans are likely to agree with.

Of course, the members did also have an answer to the question of how far ATEEZ has gone to become a unique performance group, and their answer was…all the way. They’ve done everything they can and more!

They even did the hardest thing of all, according to San; they exercised!

ATEEZ has always put everything into their performances, and the results speak for themselves. Including the results of San’s workouts, of course. ATEEZ have given ATINY much to be proud of, and as the members pointed out, San in particular has come a long way. He is now truly raising the standard for K-Pop idols everywhere!

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