ATEEZ Expose The Shocking Difficulty Of Filming Their “Treasure” Music Video

ATEEZ are always incredibly professional.

ATEEZ are well-loved for their intense lore, stunning music videos, and incredible vocal and dance talent.

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The group recently sat down with REACT to play the “K-Pop Stars Try To Guess Their Songs In One Second” game, and while the members had fun trying to be the first to recognize their songs…

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They also took time to tell fans a lot of behind-the-scenes information about different songs and music videos. Specifically, because of ATEEZ’s pirate concept, the members have done a lot of filming in desert areas, which can lead to some uncomfortably warm filming conditions.

It was hot while the members were filming “Deja Vu…”

Wooyoung: We shot the video when it was cold, right?

Yunho: No, it was hot back then.

Seonghwa: It was hot, but we felt cold because we were in the water.

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Seonghwa: It was really hot.

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And perhaps most notably, the weather was so warm while filming “Treasure” that their “stylist’s shoes melted.”

Wooyoung: The sunlight is directly refleced from the white-colored background.

Seonghwa: Even one of our staff members’ shoes melted down.

Wooyoung: Our stylist’s shoes melted down on the desert.

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But even though the music video must have been difficult to film given the intense heat, ATEEZ are always incredibly professional and give their all to every music video and performance.

You can watch “Treasure” here.

Source: REACT