ATEEZ Is Upping The Game When It Comes To K-Pop Performance And Facial Expressions, And It’s A Good Thing

This fourth generation group is raising the bar for everyone.

Along with producing phenomenal music that has quickly brought the group to worldwide stardom, ATEEZ is also well-known among K-Pop fans for their intense stages and performance abilities.

Not only are their choreographies powerful, captivating, and a pleasure to watch, but the members know how to match their expressions perfectly to the concept that they’re working with. Whether the stage is for something intense like “HALA HALA” or “Wonderland”, or something softer like “Eternal Sunshine” or “Wave”, ATEEZ’s members have proven over and over again that they are perfectly suited to take on any genre.

Though some of the members — particularly SanHongjoong, and Seonghwa, a.k.a. the “demon line” of ATEEZ — are more well-known for their intense stage presence than others, all of the members are captivating in their own way on stage, making them a group where each member is vital to their success.

There’s a reason that the group was so highly praised by professionals on Kingdom: Legendary War and by other experienced artists in the industry, despite being a still-young group!

Some K-Pop fans, however, have tried to drag ATEEZ by criticizing their expressive performances and high energy. It’s hard to imagine such criticism being genuine, but it’s there nonetheless, and ATINYs have repeatedly defended the members against such unfounded hate.

Recently, a fan created a thread on Twitter to explain why they believe ATEEZ deserve only praise for their energetic and expressional performance abilities.

The first point they make is that facial expressions are pretty much necessary in a performance if you want to fully express the mood or concept you’re trying to portray. Without appropriate expressions, no matter how good or accurate a dance is, it can appear flat and uninteresting if the audience doesn’t connect with what the performer is trying to convey. It can really separate professional dancers from more amateur ones.

They also bring up the fact that industry professionals and judges look for artists who are able to fit the concept they’re trying to express with their facial expressions, which is far from an easy task.

As mentioned earlier, masters of dance and choreography such as Lia Kim have been following ATEEZ even since pre-debut due to how captivating their performances are.

They also bring up the fact that tons of rookie K-Pop idols look up to the members of ATEEZ as inspiration for what they want to be.

To finish everything off, the point is made that ATEEZ are the entire package: Not just dancers that can sing, or vocalists that can dance, but actual performers who fully embrace every aspect what it takes to have phenomenal stage presence and really connect with their audience.

That’s what makes ATEEZ unique even among other immensely talented K-Pop groups, and why they should be an inspiration and a role model for other artists in the industry that want to succeed!