ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Accidentally Calls Fans “Mom” And His Reaction Is Everything

He’s OUR son now.

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung has always had a strong connection with fans, but this moment definitely took the cake! During a live stream, he was showing off his huge canister of coffee to fans, but accidentally had a slip of tongue.

He accidentally addressed his fans as “Mom” on live stream because his mother was also tuning in to the live stream.

Mom, this coffee is really- Oh wait, I talking to my mom. ATINY~

— Wooyoung

Although it’s definitely acceptable for him to be talking to his mother if she’s tuning in, he had done so a few times already during the live stream and was making an effort to address fans as a whole rather than just his mom. Of course, ATINY didn’t mind at all! His expression after his mistake was everything. Wooyoung’s eyes were definitely shaking in shock.

Fans (and non-fans!) found the moment hilarious.

  • “The way he said ATEENY sweetly at the end is damn funny LOL”
  • “It’s more funny because the tone in which he said it was exactly like how it is when people call for their moms LOL”
  • “It’s even more funny his coffee is in that huge bottle.”
  • “I’m another idol’s fan but Wooyoung is f*cking funny LOL I love you”
  • “F*ck it’s f*cking funny. Made me think of when you accidentally call your teacher mom when you’re young.”

Well, I guess he’s our a son now!