Here Is What ATEEZ Wooyoung’s Personality Is Really Like, According To Hongjoong

Wooyoung really is the whole package!

The members of ATEEZ recently sat down with Vogue Korea to talk about their friendship—and many wholesome things were revealed. One of these was how leader Hongjoong really sees Wooyoung, and how that perception differs from Wooyoung’s well-known ‘naughty boy’ personality.

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Wooyoung is known as one of the team’s more mischievous members. While he is clearly a hardworking person, he is also one of the members that can always be counted on for a good laugh. Or, as Hongjoong put it, Wooyoung is known for being a bit of a “naughty boy.’ Except, from Hongjoong’s point of view, Wooyoung is actually also very mature.


He says that sometimes he even gets surprised at how mature Wooyoung sounds when he makes certain comments. This shows how, while the team has always counted on Wooyoung to facilitate communication and comfort with each other, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t stopped growing as a person!

And this comes across in more ways than one. According to Hongjoong, even Wooyoung’s face looks more mature!

And honestly, it’s hard not to agree, especially considering the impressive visuals that Wooyoung served in his Grease-inspired photoshoot for Vogue Korea.

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With all the hard work that Wooyoung  puts in, it’s no surprise that he is constantly improving himself in so many ways. Visuals aside, Wooyoung and his members have achieved a lot recently, and it’s great to see that, as a leader, Hongjoong sees that being reflected in Wooyoung’s personality. They are all growing a lot and making ATINYs very proud. Plus, Wooyoung is already known to be a funny, kind person, a great artist and dancer, and a great cook… Adding maturity to the list of Wooyoung’s amazing traits means he really is the whole package!

You can check out the full clip below!