ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And San Have The Most Wholesome Relationship With Each Other’s Families

They really are like family!

Fans of ATEEZ know that San and Wooyoung are extremely close friends—best friends, in fact, as they even have matching tattoos and are affectionately known together as ‘Woosan,’ the chaotic duo that is always bantering.

One thing that makes their relationship even more cute is that not only do they consider each other to be like brothers, but they are so close that they have even been adopted into each other’s families!

In his recent birthday live, Wooyoung casually called San’s father for a chat and shared a conversation with him that clearly showed just how comfortable they are together. And to top it off, both him and San’s father ended the call with a sweet “Love you!“; which was made all the more funny by the fact that San wasn’t even a part of the conversation, showing just how close Wooyoung is with San’s family.

This is clearly far from a rare occurrence, as Wooyoung even explained that San’s father had actually asked Wooyoung to call him the day before, but Wooyoung had been unable to due to his busy schedule.

Of course, this is not even the first time that Wooyoung calls San’s father while on live. We previously saw a similar heartwarming exchange between the two when Wooyoung joined San’s birthday live earlier this year, providing ATINYs with a bunch of other funny and cute Woosan moments, as well as some more great moments between Wooyoung and San’s parents. He and San even teased San’s father together, making both of San’s parents laugh a lot and giving us extremely wholesome family vibes.

San and Wooyoung also explained during San’s birthday live that they both call each other’s parents ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ because their parents happen to be really good friends with each other.

It’s great to see these two besties featuring in each other’s birthday lives and showing the genuine connection they have with each other. It says a lot about their friendship that they have each been adopted into the other’s family, and it surely means that fans have a lot more wholesome family content to look forward to from them. Wooyoung’s birthday live was only the latest! Here’s to years ahead of good friendship and fun times.