ATEEZ Yeosang’s Visuals Were So Stunning His Class Begged Him To Play Snow White

He revealed how an unlikely person convinced him to finally take the role.

From his quiet and gentle personality, ATEEZ‘s Yeosang is the last member you’d expect to star in a main role, especially for a play.

Back in his school days, he surprised everyone—even himself—by taking on the role of Snow White.

Even though a girl typically plays the role, Yeosang snatched it up because of his stunning visuals. But, it wasn’t one he’d sought out.

His classmates had picked it specifically for him. In a live broadcast with leader Hongjoong, Yeosang revealed how they’d roped him into the role.

Image credit: @ateez_owns_game (left)

Yeosang was sitting in class, listening to the teacher ask what they’d planned on presenting. As if everyone was on the same wavelength, they all turned to him, “When our teacher thought about what our class should do, suddenly everyone looked at me.”

While Yeosang had been confused by all the attention, the rest of his classmates had made a secret agreement. “I was thinking, ‘Why are they looking at me?’ And, suddenly, the kids were saying, ‘Ah, it’s decided.'”

Little did he know, seeing his visuals had sparked an idea for his classmates. They could use Yeosang to their advantage. Although he seemed clueless, Hongjoong asked, “You didn’t know?” Yeosang hadn’t been aware at all, “I didn’t know that the other kids had a plan.”

In fact, when he first heard they were doing Snow White, he didn’t object to being in it. He just thought he’d play one of the seven dwarves or a small role similar to it. “And the other day, I heard my class was doing a Snow White play. So, I thought, ‘Oh, we’re doing a play.’ I was thinking, ‘I might play the role of a dwarf or something.’ A dwarf or a mirror.”

That’s when he found out they wanted him to play the role of Snow White herself. The class had wanted him to play the character, so much that they even told him he could stand on stage while the rest of them acted around him. Still, he refused until someone else gave their opinion.

But, the kids said, ‘No way.’ They suddenly said I should play the role of Snow White. But, I really didn’t want to do that. I insisted that I couldn’t do Snow White, and the other kids said I could just stand still on the stage.

What really turned the tables on Yeosang’s decision was their teacher. Whether it was because of the class’s strong wish for him to do it or thinking he would do it justice, the teacher encouraged him to play the role. Yeosang couldn’t refuse, “The teacher also asked me to do it. This is how I came to do it.”

If Yeosang looked just as stunning now as he did then, it’s easily understandable why they’d want him to see him as Snow White.

Listen to Yeosang reveal that his teacher was the one who truly got him into that cute costume and on stage.