ATEEZ’s Yunho Explains The Particular Way He Arranges His Pillows At Hotels

It’s simple, but it works.

Not only is ATEEZ‘s Yunho an incredible performer, he’s also a comforting presence to his fans. His quirky habits make him that much more endearing.

ATEEZ’s Yunho | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Since their US tour, ATEEZ have posted individual member vlogs documenting their time there. In his video, Yunho showed a bit of his time in Los Angeles.

One of the most interesting things he showed was the particular way in which he usually arranges his pillows before sleeping.

Ta-da. I took a shower and got ready to sleep.

After he got dressed down to sleep, Yunho took a moment to sweetly thank the staff that made his bed and said, “Ah, thank you to the cleaner who made my bed clean.”

Then he started to explain how he gets hotel beds ready for sleeping.

Usually when you come to a hotel there are three to four pillows like this. There’s the position that I always place them.

He demonstrated the process of creating what he calls his “pillow squad.”

I first choose a pretty pillow that I’m going to use … Then I use this as my main pillow. And this is kind of cute, so I’ll take this out like this … I have two on both sides and this is my main pillow. Then this is my pillow squad.

Yunho said that he’s not the type of person who likes to hug a doll when he sleeps, but sometimes he’ll place the extra pillow by his side.

Since he’s tall, sometimes Yunho’s feet stick out. When that happens, he adjusts his process.

If the bed is too short and my feet stick out, I do this like this, and I pull my pillow all the way up.

After showing the second option, Yunho took a minute to admire his handiwork.

This is my second squad. What do you think? Since I already did this today, I’m going to sleep like this. Oh, it’s not bad. All I have to do is turn off the lights.

With the adjustments made, Yunho got into bed.

Though a somewhat unconventional topic, fans could listen to Yunho talk about his pillows for hours.

For more insight into Yunho’s sweet personality, you can check out the full video here!


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