ATEEZ’s Yunho’s Hands Deserve Their Own Fandom, And Here’s Proof

There’s just something about them…

There are so many things to love about ATEEZ‘s Yunho. He’s a phenomenal performer…

Incredible vocalist…

Absolute sweetheart…

And downright hilarious!

Besides all of these and many other loveable traits, there’s one part of Yunho that ATINYs have been especially fawning over for quite a while: His hands.

Yunho is a tall guy — around 186cm (6’1″) tall — and it seems that his hand size matches the rest of him at 21cm long.

He has long, elegant fingers and, paired with the hard work that has given him well-defined veins, it’s no wonder ATINYs are obsessed.

It’s ridiculously cute when he holds hands with the other members of ATEEZ, especially Hongjoong, because their size difference is so extreme!

Seriously, just look at this!

No matter what he does with them, Yunho’s hands are just captivating.

So there’s only one question: What should the fandom name for Yunho’s hands be?