Are You Attractive Enough To Pass Korea’s “8 Stacked Heads” Test?

Korea’s latest beauty challenge trend involves standing straight up next to eight of your own heads stacked on top of each other.
There are many beauty tests in Korea, from stacking coins on collar bones to reaching arms around belly buttons. However, the latest Korean trend might be the most ridiculous of all.

According to netizens, Korea has an “8 Stacked Heads” Test where if your body is as tall or taller than eight of your heads stacked on top of each other, you’re considered attractive. This challenge stems from having a small face, which is a typical beauty standard in Korea.

Look at the pictures below to get an idea of how the test is:

According to the test, actress Kim Tae Hee is considered attractive since she can fit 7 of her heads below the neck. / Source: Insight
Hara doesn’t reach the 8 heads completely and only gets 7. According to the test she wouldn’t be considered attractive. / Source: KARA Board
Jiyoung and Nicole Jung, also don’t meet the marks according to the test. / Source: KARA Board
Actress Kim Sun Ah managed to meet the requirements plus one extra head. / Source: SBS News
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