Popular AV Actress Praised for Her Elaborate 18+ Village in “Animal Crossing”

Since COVID-19 affected her work, she recreated her job in “Animal Crossing” instead.

Animal Crossing has become a popular game for quarantiners in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, and many users have been going viral online for their unique village themes.

As such, one popular AV actress named Yui Hatano has been receiving overwhelming praise from the internet for her 18+ version of Animal Crossing.

She recently took to Twitter to share four photos of her elaborate 18+ village along with the caption,

I tried to reproduce the set of an AV film.

– Yui Hatano

And it was far from what everyone was used to seeing on Animal Crossing.

The female character can be seen wearing lingerie, and the entire room is set up to look exactly like an AV filming set.

Not only are there cameras, but Yui Hatano also decorated the room with an adorable interior that made the set look even more realistic.

Yui Hatano even explained the sequence by adding that the female character was on her way from the sofa to the bed.

The unique 18+ theme drew in an explosive response from netizens.


Some of the comments include, “This is so elaborate“, “She knows her field very well“, and “When is your next work coming out?

COVID-19 might have affected her work in real life, but that doesn’t mean she can’t keep it going in Animal Crossing instead, right?

Source: Insight