I.B.I Sohee Reveals Her Previous Manager Continuously Made Moves On Her

I.B.I‘s Sohee revealed that the general manager of her former agency seriously suggested that she marry him.

Sohee revealed that her former agency’s general manager often made her sit in the passenger’s seat next to him while moving from schedule to schedule, and had once sincerely told her, “Let’s get married”.

Sohee reveals the general manager of her former agency asked her to marry him.

Not only did her general manager make her feel extremely uncomfortable, but the agency’s CEO made his trainees work part-time at his Korean barbecue restaurant for 6 months, and led them to believe that their work would help fund their debut.

She expressed that she felt pressured and terrified at the time, but couldn’t firmly tell him “no” because of his position in the company. She also added that she thought it was normal for trainees to experience such things, which shocked the other members and led them to explain that it wasn’t.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Lovelyz‘s Soojung tell Sohee that these experiences aren’t normal.

Fortunately, Sohee said that her current agency LOEN Entertainment wasn’t like her previous one at all, and that she was very happy to be signed with them.

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