B1A4’s Gongchan Introduced His Secret Female Twin And Fans Can’t Get Over Her Mesmerizing Beauty

Fans never knew about his “twin” until now!

It’s been 8 years since B1A4 debuted, but Gongchan introduced his secret twin for the first time right on April Fools’ Day!


Meet Gongjoo, Gongchan’s twin!


She opened up a Twitter account for the first time where she introduced herself to Gongchan’s many fans.


Fans were completely mesmerized by Gongjoo’s beauty!


She uploaded multiple photos from her “daily life”, hanging out at the playground…


… hugging a tree…


… and enjoying the sun by the Han River and cozy alleyways in Seoul!


Gongjoo looked as fashionable as she was beautiful in a spring-fitting pink coat, navy beret hat, and plaid skirt!


Everyone had to wonder… How did she remain unknown for so long when her visuals are so radiant much like Gongchan’s!


Gongjoo was also a special guest on B1A4’s live broadcast channel where she formally introducer herself to the BANAs and showed off her gaming skills!


Gongchan even complimented his twin on a job well done!

“You worked hard!! I should’ve been there to help you.ㅠㅠ I was worried but the fans are saying you did well~~ As expected👍👍”

— Gongchan


Now that she’s made her official debut on Twitter and live broadcast, fans will hopefully be seeing more of her soon!


Here’s to the best April Fools’ Day, Gongchan… I mean, Gongjoo!

Source: Dispatch


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