B1A4 Still Regularly Updates Their Fancafe 9 Years After Their Debut

They really care for their fans!

A fancafe is a forum where idols and their agencies can post updates, make announcements, and interact with fans. It’s not easy to maintain a fancafe, but this idol group has been able to do it for nine years.

This group is no other than B1A4. B1A4 made their debut on April 23, 2011, and they are fast approaching their 9th anniversary. Unfortunately, members Jinyoung and Baro announced on June 30, 2018 that they decided to not renew their contracts with WM Entertainment.

Even after so long in the K-Pop industry, B1A4’s fancafe is still regularly updated, mainly thanks to maknae Gongchan who posts the most. Sandeul also posts when he can, and CNU is currently in the army so he cannot post as often.

Their motivation to keep the fancafe updated is truly commendable!