BABYMONSTER Pharita’s Hot Older “Brother” Is A Multi-Talented Celebrity Himself

Her honorary “brother” caught netizens’ eyes with his visuals. 🔥

YG Entertainment announced at the beginning of the year that their next girl group, BABYMONSTER, would be coming soon.

Since the announcement, YG Entertainment revealed that the group’s debut preparations would be chronicled through a YouTube series, Last Evaluation.

The teaser for the first episode shockingly revealed that the seven-member pre-debut line-up that had been introduced to fans wouldn’t be the final line-up.

BABYMONSTER will never be a seven member group. It will definitely be less than seven.

— Yang Hyun Suk

The group has yet to formally debut, but the pre-debut members have already gained an impressive fanbase as their talent and charming personalities are revealed in the group’s pre-debut teasers and Last Evaluation episodes.

What has yet to be seen onscreen has been filled in by fans eager for more information on the talented members.

Pharita has caught netizens’ attention with her powerhouse vocals, impressive dance skills, dedication, and sweet personality.

BABYMONSTER’s Pharita | @mmdoreme/Twitter

Pharita moved from Thailand to Korea to become a YG Entertainment trainee after a successful audition in 2020.

Recently, Pharita’s friend from Thailand, who is like an older brother to her, has been catching netizens’ attention with his handsome visuals, and he has incredible talents himself as an actor, singer, and fitness model.

Amen Sotthibandhu Komeluecha | @amennx/Instagram

Amen Sotthibandhu Komeluecha appeared on The Star 10, a Thai competition talent show broadcast in 2014 when he was 21 years old. He finished as one of the top eight contestants on the show, proving his talent to viewers.

He was raised in a musical household, so he learned to play multiple instruments, although he’s expressed that his favorite thing to do is sing.

He’s not only musically talented but also gifted in acting, with roles in numerous Thai dramas.

His handsome visuals and impressive physique are on full display on his Instagram, which he frequently updates.

| @amennx/Instagram
| @amennx/Instagram
| @amennx/Instagram

After BABYMONSTER’s Pharita was revealed as a pre-debut member, Amen took to Instagram to cheer his “sister” on and revealed how the two became friends.

Pharita (left) and Amen Sotthibandhu Komeluecha (right) | @amennx/Instagram

Amen posted of photo of himself with Pharita with the supportive caption, “🤍🫶 LET’S CHEER MY SISTER 🫶🤍” while also writing that he fully supports his “sister” and can’t wait to listen to BABYMONSTER’s music, asking his fans to also support her.

The photo was tagged with #nopmusicschool for NOP Music School in Bangkok, which Pharita and Amen both attended.

While they’re not actually siblings, the older star also seems close to Pharita’s family after he recently wished her mom a happy birthday.

Pharita also has the support of her YG Entertainment sunbaes, including guidance from BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, showing she has support around the globe!

Check out more about her connection with Lisa in the article below:

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