The Backstreet Boys Reveal Their Detailed Thoughts About BTS

BSB dishes on their contemporaries, BTS.

During an interview with radio station 95.5 PLJ, the Backstreet Boys had nothing but good things to say about BTS.


When asked what “BSB thinks about BTS”, this trailblazing, 1990s boyband was quick to compliment their contemporaries.

“They’re cool. Yeah, they’re cool.” —  Brian Littrel.


Nick Carter revealed that Backstreet Boys learned a lot about BTS through their mutual friend, and BTS collaborator, Steve Aoki.

“We learned a lot through Steve Aoki, who is a good friend of ours as well.”  —  Nick Carter


Nick Carter expressed his admiration for BTS’s entertaining performances.

“What I love about them is that they perform, first and foremost. They can sing. They can rap.” —  Nick Carter


He said that, as a group, Backstreet Boys related to BTS’s globetrotting experiences.

“It’s kind of like the reverse of what we used to do when we first started, when we would go over to other countries and sing out songs in English, and then we’d come there and see fans singing every single lyric as we were performing. We’d be just dumbfounded. This is incredible. So it’s kind of like the reverse happening.” —  Nick Carter


“I think that’s what’s great about what’s happening right now in our society, is that we’re embracing other cultures,” he said. “America’s finally doing that.”


The interviewer remarked that nowadays many teenage girls can be heard singing along to their favourite Korean songs. In response, the Backstreet Boys members expressed their enthusiasm for this worldwide love.


“Music breaks down barriers,” said AJ McLean.


“That’s what our music did in the past,” Nick Carter added.


When the interviewer mentioned BTS’s “crazy” (as in, crazy in love!) fanbase, Brian Littrel called it “reminiscent”, referring to Backstreet Boys’ own fiercely loyal following.

“Ah, the good old days!”  — AJ McLean


Howie Dorough went on to say that, over the years, many interviews had asked Backstreet Boys if any of the new boy groups were doing the same things Backstreet Boys had done. Up until BTS, his answer had been “no”.

“People would always ask us, ‘is there any other [new boyband] that are doing the same thing as you guys. Actually, honestly, we said it was a totally different type of a thing.” — Howie Dorough


According to the Backstreet Boys, BTS is the first new boy group that is “putting on the full entertainment package”.

“We’re happy to see them doing their thing.” — Howie Dorough


“Those boys can move!” AJ McLean exclaimed.

He joked that to dance like BTS, he would need to take ibuprofen, and lots of it!


Overall, the Backstreet Boys couldn’t be happier for BTS’s worldwide success. Through them, the spirit of 1990s boybands lives on!


Check out the full clip here.