Bada Lee Breaks Down How She Creates Her Iconic K-Pop Choreography

She reveals the unexpected place she created the dance for “Smoke.”

Professional dancer and K-Pop choreographer Bada Lee recently sat down with soloist Lee Chaeyeon and discussed all things dance, including her “biggest hit,” the dances she’s worked on, how she comes up with her iconic choreography, and more.

Bada Lee | @badalee__/Instagram

Bada Lee has contributed to and created numerous iconic choreographies, including EXO Kai‘s “Peaches” and “Rover,” SHINee Taemin‘s “Guilty,” WayV Ten‘s “Birthday,” aespa‘s “Illusion,” “Savage,” “Girls,” and many more.

Naturally, Lee Chaeyeon wanted to know how she came up with some of the moves that have gone viral and become unforgettable.

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Chaeyeon (left) and Lee Bada (right) | 스튜디오 어서오고/YouTube

Bada Lee admitted that she is heavily inspired by a song’s lyrics when she makes choreography. Using EXO Kai’s “Rover” as an example, she demonstrated how the act of revving an engine and gripping a steering wheel were incorporated into the dance.

For SHINee Taemin’s “Guilty,” she wanted to be able to express someone being tied and escaping to match the lyrics. For point choreography, she tries to wrap in details that fans will be impressed with while watching the dance.

Sharing two behind-the-scenes stories with Lee Chaeyeon, Bada Lee hilariously revealed she came up with the choreography for Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji‘s “Smoke” and aespa’s “Illusion” while in the bathroom, after she had gotten out of the shower and was getting ready in the mirror.

Bada Lee shared another location that strikes inspiration, which is the subway station, and she admitted she often misses her stop when she finds herself deep in thought.

During the episode, Bada Lee also revealed the choreography she considers her “biggest hit.” Check out more on that in the article below!

The K-Pop Dance That Choreographer Bada Lee Considers Her “Biggest Hit”

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