The K-Pop Dance That Choreographer Bada Lee Considers Her “Biggest Hit”

“[It’s what] made people recognize me as a choreographer.”

Famous dancer and choreographer Bada Lee recently appeared on Inssadong Sulzzi with soloist Lee Chaeyeon, and together, they talked all about Bada Lee’s iconic impact on K-Pop choreography, winning Street Woman Fighter 2, and more.

Chaeyeon (left) and Lee Bada (right) | 스튜디오 어서오고/YouTube

Bada Lee is currently a dancer with Just Jerk Academy and the leader of the dance crew BEBE, which won the second season of the popular Korean reality dance competition show Street Woman Fighter 2 in 2023.

“Street Woman Fighter 2” contestants | The Korea Times

Before she appeared on the show, the talented 28-year-old already had an impressive résumé as one of K-Pop’s top choreographers.

Bada Lee has choreographed for some of K-Pop’s most popular songs over the past four years and recently opened up to Chaeyeon about what she considers her “biggest hit” and the unexpected downside that came with it.

Bada Lee | @badalee__/Instagram

Over the years, Bada Lee has contributed to and created numerous iconic choreographies, including EXO Kai‘s “Peaches” and “Rover,” SHINee Taemin‘s “Guilty,” WayV Ten‘s “Birthday,” aespa‘s “Illusion,” “Savage,” “Girls,” and many more.

Out of the dances she’s created, Bada Lee confessed to Chaeyeon that she considers aespa’s “Next Level” her “biggest hit” because she felt it was what made people “recognize [her] as a choreographer.

Chaeyeon hilariously noted that the signature point of the choreography had a downside, sharing that many people who attempted the dance felt it was painful, and Bada Lee agreed it required some flexibility.

Check out Bada Lee’s full answer in the video below!