Veteran Actress Bae Jong Ok Calls out Young Actors for Their Behavior on Set

“I don’t understand.” – Bae Jong Ok

Sports Joseon recently had an interview with the veteran actress Bae Jong Ok where she called out young actors’ behavior on set.

Bae Jong Ok, who has been in the entertainment industry for 35 years and will be making a return with the film, Innocence, criticized young actors for their pride battle and the behavior that results on set.

She expressed,

These days, most young actors don’t come on set. They usually just sit in their car until the assistant director calls them right before the shoot.

– Bae Jong Ok

Bae Jong Ok explained that she doesn’t understand the pride battle that goes on between young actors and stressed that they need to make more effort.

They have to make an effort to figure out the atmosphere of the set.

– Bae Jong Ok

She continued,

Acting isn’t solely about reciting lines. You have the make up the character behing the lines. Behind the lines are small and detailed changes in emotion. And things like that come from the space you’re in.

– Baek Jong Ok

Baek Jong Ok then shared a story about what happened when she tried to advise a young actor to change their behavior.

I try not to tell hoobae actors this because I’m afraid they’ll just hear it as nagging. I once told a hoobae actor, and they gave off an attitude that made me angry.

– Bae Jong Ok

She joked,

When I go on set now, people feel uncomfortable with me and tell me, ‘Please sit here.’ I’m usually just walking around thinking about my character and my work, but other people wonder, ‘Why is that sunbae standing so uncomfortably over there?’

– Baek Jong Ok

Baek Jong Ok’s upcoming film, Innocence which also stars Shin Hye Sun is set to be released on June 10.

Source: Dispatch