Dance Trainer Bae Yoon Jeong Left This Critique After Watching IZ*ONE’s Concert

But ultimately, she was extremely proud as their teacher.

Choreographer and Produce 101 dance trainer, Bae Yoon Jeong, has shared photos from IZ*ONE‘s recent concert.


She shared a group photo with the IZ*ONE members as well as proof of her ticket in the concert arena.


In the post, she thanked the girls for inviting her to their concert but also gave them a frank critique of their dance performance. Nonetheless, she made it clear that she was extremely proud.

Thank you for inviting me 😎
Some of your movements weren’t in sync…
You did really really well and worked so hardㅋㅋ
I felt proud while watching❤️

ㅡ Bae Yoon Jeong


Bae Yoon Jeong was one of IZ*ONE’s dance trainers during Produce 48 last year. Having seen their progress since they were contestants on the show, it is not surprising that she felt extremely proud to see how far they’ve come at their concert!


Fans have been loving the way she critiqued the members’ performance, claiming that she has “occupational disease” and that despite her frank comment, it shows how much she loves them!


Meanwhile, IZ*ONE successfully held their first individual concert in Korea, IZ*ONE 1ST CONCERT “EYES ON ME” IN SEOUL, from June 7-9 in Seoul.

Source: Dispatch