BAE173’s Bit Loves Fishies So Much He Once Worked Part Time At An Aquarium

Ironically his favorite food is also raw fish.

BAE173‘s Bit once revealed on a live stream that he was into a rare hobby. He loves rearing tropical fish! His statement got fans curious about his love for fishes, given that most people would have listed things such as dance, eating or reading!

| @rout_taku/Twitter

During an interview, his fellow groupmate, Dohyon, revealed that they actually have a fish tank in their dorms. At almost 80 species, it would make for one huge tank! Bit revealed that he had brought it over from his house.

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Fans also uncovered more trivia about the member during his live streams. Ironically, his favorite dish is raw fish sashimi. He apparently loves Siamese fighting fish the most, and once even worked part-time at an aquarium during middle school, just to learn more about fish.

| @rout_taku/Twitter

This owner of the aquarium even praised him as someone who knows well about the underwater lifestyle! What a cute babie! Check out BAE173’s music video below.

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