Baekhyun Reveals Just How Lonely Promoting Without EXO Is

When the members aren’t by his side, nothing’s the same.

Promoting as part of a team and promoting as a solo artist is something that quite a few idols experience.

During an interview with iHeartRadio‘s Stacy Nam, Baekhyun opened up about just how lonely it gets without his EXO members there beside him.

Because he was hailed as the new face of cosmetic brand TIRTIR, Stacy asked Baekhyun how well he was able to handle the filming and photoshoot by himself, based on his past fear of cameras.

He’d initially felt proud to receive such an honor but soon realized something was missing from the experience, “I did the shoot on my own. To be honest, in the beginning, I felt so good. To shoot a commercial on my own. I felt so much pride.”

Although he’s branching out on his own, there’s nothing like being surrounded by his group members. “But truthfully, whenever I do anything on my own, I miss my members so much.”

Without his members, Baekhyun’s missing out on the chaotic energy only they can create with each other. Even though he’s supported by staff, who he’s known for a while, it’s far from similar.

Because, when I am on set… Of course, I’ve known the people on set for a long time, which is so good, but that rowdiness when I’m with my members? That isn’t there.

He also pointed out how differently he spends his downtime without them to keep him company. Instead of having the members there to play games and eat together, Baekhyun misses them so much that he’s ready to end the schedule and head home.

So, when I’m on standby, I keep saying I want to go home. I miss my members so much. Us eating together, playing together, we are having fun then go to shoot. And, once we’re finished we play games together. I like this so much.

Baekhyun proved that the absence does indeed make the heart fonder. Without EXO by his side during solo promotions and schedules, he realizes just how much he wants to be reunited with them again.

Watch him break down just how lonely it can be without them.