Baekhyun Cracks Up SuperM By Imitating Kai’s Signature Sexy Smile

It didn’t come out quite like they thought.

Since SuperM‘s Baekhyun deemed Kai the “icon of sexiness,” he pointed out the technique that Kai excels at to earn the title.


Baekhyun said you need a slight smile to be sexy. He revealed it was something he’d tried to copy.

He first showed how Kai does it by giving a slight smile as he stared at the camera. To compare, he showed how he’d do it himself.

This time, his smile wasn’t much of a smile and far from sexy.

As soon as they saw it, the rest of SuperM laughed like it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. There was knee-slapping, pointing, arm-slapping, and standing up from their seat.

Even as Baekhyun explained that he was just too serious to get the sexy look down, they continued to laugh.

See Baekhyun’s version of Kai’s sexy smile and laugh along with them.