Baekhyun Reveals The Unusual Reason He Always Finishes His Food, And You Can Have All My UWUs

He really is the sweetest!

Every EXO fan knows that Baekhyun is a total sweetheart. His sweet personality has definitely made so many people fall in love with him, but there has been a new development in his personality that will make everyone fall even harder for him!


During an episode of EXO-CBX’s reality show Through The Ladder of Fortune, fans learned something quite amazing about Baekhyun.


It turns out that Baekhyun is a big believer in finishing off all the food on his plate… for an unexpected reason.

“I’ve always made sure that I eat all the food. I don’t like leaving any.” — Baekhyun


And if you’ve ever been in a family that taught this concept you’ll totally relate to Baekhyun’s habit!


But it isn’t just his dedication to eating everything that will make you go “aw,” it’s why he started picking up the practice in the first place!

“When I was young, if there was leftover food, I felt that the leftover food was very pitiful! As they would have to be thrown away. I have developed a habit since then, so I will finish eating everything.” — Baekhyun


It was because of his deep thoughts on the subject of food that made him pick up the habit, which is honestly the cutest thing ever!


His declaration has captured the hearts of many netizens who have taken to the internet to express their happiness with Baekhyun and telling their own stories!


Now whenever you see a clip of him eating, you’ll always be reminded of his adorable story!


Plus his answer will always remind you just what a sweetie he really is! That’s why we all love him so much!