Baekhyun Reveals Why He’s Only Written Lyrics For EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop”

There’s a reason why he hasn’t written any other lyrics in almost ten years.

Back in 2017, EXO‘s “Ko Ko Bop” turned out to be more than another one of the group’s bops. There was something significant about its members participating in the production of the track.

In SuperM‘s interview with Rolling Stone, Baekhyun revealed it was the only song he’d written lyrics for in the nearly ten years he’s been an idol and why that was so.

Since they participated in the segment The First Time, the magazine asked the group about their first time writing lyrics for a song. Baekhyun took the lead by sharing that he’d only participated in one, “For me personally, the only time I’ve ever written lyrics was for EXO’s ‘Ko Ko Bop’.

Both Taemin and Mark had been surprised by the news, the former asking, “Oh, really?” The experience had taught Baekhyun a lesson he hadn’t known.

Thinking back on working on the track, Baekhyun confessed that it had been far from an easy process. “And I found it to be pretty difficult. My respect level for songwriters definitely went up after experiencing it firsthand.

The challenging yet rewarding experience also sparked a new habit in him.

Because anything can become inspiration, Baekhyun pays closer attention to whatever’s happening around him. “And after that, I found myself being more aware of my surroundings.

Although he hasn’t written any lyrics that’s been released since then, he could be keeping them all to himself since he writes down the emotions and things he notices. “For instance, on those nights when I think back on my day and maybe notice some things that I had felt or seen in a different light, I’d try to jot those feelings or moments down before bed.

If you’re waiting for Baekhyun to make a return as a lyricist, you may be waiting a long time—if ever. The production of songs, such as writing lyrics, can be complicated. Right now, he’s just enjoying being a singer and performer, while appreciating the effort of the lyricists behind him.

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