Baekhyun’s Personality With Fans Is Actually Quite Different In Real Life

Baekhyun’s fans appear to have discovered that his real personality is actually quite different from what he shows on stage.

Baekhyun is known to have a playful, bright, and manly personality, but this isn’t at all how he carries himself while off-stage.

It turns out that Baekhyun is very shy around strangers and has to put a lot of effort in in order to socialize with people he’s only just met.

Baekhyun also shows a lot of love for his fellow EXO members.

He constantly compliments his group members while remaining humble and quiet about himself.

Once, when D.O. expressed that he believed he was not good at anything, Baekhyun was quick to compliment him by listing off the things he’s good at.

“D.O. you are good at acting.

Did you just say you are not good at anything..?

D.O. can sing well and dances well too.

He is a treasure to our team.”

— EXO’s Baekhyun

Baekhyun also shows plenty of love and emotion for his fans, having given them the cute nickname “Eri” and created an Instagram account just to communicate with them.

Baekhyun also looks at his fans with such a loving eyes that even netizens who are not his fans can see his love for them.

This is what the real Baekhyun is really like.