Get To Know Bahiyyih—TXT Hueningkai’s Sister & Upcoming “Girls Planet 999” Competitor

From talents to personality to name pronunciation, here’s everything you need to know about this rising starlet.

Alongside many established girl group idols, TXT Hueningkai‘s younger sister Bahiyyih has now been confirmed as a contestant on Mnet‘s upcoming survival show, Girls Planet 999. Want to know more about her before the show airs? Here’s a rundown of her past, her talents, and her personality.

16-year-old Bahiyyih Jaleh Huening (also referred to as Huening Bahiyyih in Korean) was born on July 27, 2004, making her two years younger than her TXT star brother. Wondering how to pronounce her unique name? Say “bah-hee-yeh“. Coming from Persian origins, the name Bahiyyih Jaleh means “dew full of light.”

Bahiyyih for “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Since Hueningkai was raised in China for the first seven years of his life, Bahiyyih was presumably born and raised there too. As such, she can speak Mandarin. In fact, her older sister Lea once revealed that when six-year-old Bahiyyih moved to South Korea with the Huening family, she couldn’t speak any Korean at all.

Ethnically, Bahiyyih is Korean on her mother’s side. Her father is American with Polish, British, and German ancestry, but he was born in Brazil. As such, Hueningkai speaks Brazilian Portuguese, meaning Bahiyyih may speak the language too. Bahiyyih’s father, Nabil Huening, likely inspired the family to delve into performing arts because he’s a singer-songwriter and actor himself.

Not much has been confirmed about Bahiyyih’s journey to idol stardom so far, but Hueningkai revealed she’s already been through multiple bouts of training. Early last year, her dance academy posted a social media update revealing she passed the first round of auditions for YG Entertainment. However, Lea later confirmed that her sister hadn’t joined the company.

[Bahiyyih] went through a lot too though, being a trainee for different places and all.

— Hueningkai

Shortly after she auditioned for YG Entertainment, Bahiyyih’s academy revealed she had also passed an audition for BE:LIFT LAB. It’s currently believed that this is where she’s been training for the past year or so, with many followers initially presuming she’d appear on the female version of I-LAND (which formed ENHYPEN).

Although Bahiyyih still hasn’t had her start in the industry, there are already several videos of her talents online. In one clip, she can be heard covering Ariana Grande’s “Breathin'”.

In others, she dances to ITZY‘s “Icy” and BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love.”

And she’s not just good at singing and dancing; she’s also a talented pianist.

On top of Mandarin, Korean, and possibly Portuguese, language genius Bahiyyih also speaks English. Last year, she was chosen as the narrator for the English version of the Mnet Asian Music Awards Worldwide Fans Choice introduction video.

And Girls Planet 999 won’t be Bahiyyih’s first time appearing on television. Along with her family, she was on multiple Chinese reality shows as a child.

Some of Bahiyyih’s known favorite things include the color blue, pasta, strawberries, oranges, and the movie Frozen. And, aside from her talents, she’s a total sweetheart. In one T:TIME video, TXT’s Taehyun revealed Bahiyyih once saved up all her allowance to buy a dedicated selfie phone for Hueningkai.


Lea once revealed that Bahiyyih is the most thoughtful of the sibling trio, and she’s often seen supporting her brother in every way she can.

While Bahiyyih is currently best known as Hueningkai’s sister, many fans who’ve been following her journey hope Girls Planet 999 viewers will support her for her talents. The survival show will premiere on August 6 at 8:20 p.m. KST.

Read Hueningkai’s message of support for his sister here:

TXT Hueningkai’s Sister Bahiyyih Confirmed To Join “Girls Planet 999″—Here’s What He Said About The News

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