Bang Chan With His Puppy Will Make You Laugh And Melt At The Same Time

The push and pull is so adorable.

Stray Kids’s Bang Chan shared a moment between him and his puppy Berry. Whenever Berry tried to kiss him, Bang Chan playfully pulled away. Berry was so eager that it was both cute and funny at the same time.

But, the teasing showed just how happy Bang Chan was to be with his puppy and how much he cared. Fans melted over their interaction.

It’s obvious just by the gentle way Bang Chan is holding Berry that Berry is well-loved, and that there’s no place he’d rather be. How cute is that?

Fans even found it funny that Berry was so eager to kiss Bang Chan but Hyunjin’s puppy Kami wouldn’t kiss him no matter how hard he tried.

The playfulness between Berry and Bang Chan is adorable. And, Berry is such a cutie.

Stray Kids