Bang Si Hyuk’s Letter to BTS from 3 Years Ago Has ARMYs Inspired All Over Again

The heartfelt, handwritten letter is still very moving.

In 2016, when BigHit Entertainment‘s Bang Si Hyuk wrote a letter to the members of BTS, congratulating them on their third year since debut and encouraging them to continue dreaming, he had high hopes and dreams for the boys who would soon turn into a massive world class superstar group.

BTS members read aloud this letter on their BTS: Bon Voyage show back in 2016, and ARMYs are revisiting the particular episode as the boy group’s sixth anniversary is coming up in June 12th, 2019.

In this letter, Bang Si Hyuk specifically mentions the date “June 12th, 2019”. He wrote:

“To Jin, Suga, Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook,

When I first met you, all of you were so young. I found each of you at different times, but all of you were so scared of something. None of you knew how to deal with me. You boys couldn’t even look me in the eye. Yet I was so strict with you all. It is because I’m so greedy and I have such high standards. I gave you all such a hard time, testing your limits, asking why you can’t believe in yourselves… And when I’d push you to reach places so far and unknown, you all were probably so exhausted. But you boys never failed me. You always found a way and went beyond my expectations. You soared higher than I ever imagined. At some point, I realized, your fear was simply your desperation. That fear made you boys practice all night and destroy your own limits.”

“Now I’m able to take a step back and watch you all progress forward… Now there’s no reason for me to direct you anywhere. You boys are finding your own paths now, all on your own. You are going places that I dared not dream of. But I still won’t thank you and tell you how proud I am just yet. I’m an ambitious man. One day, when you boys become the best in the world, perhaps a year… or three years from today, I’ll let you know. I’ll look each of you in the eye and tell you in person – that I appreciate you staying by my side all that time, bringing me here, and allowing me to dream on.”

As Bang Si Hyuk envisioned in his letter, BTS is now a globally renowned boy group. ARMYs are inspired by Bang Si Hyuk’s foresight and how the producer must have had such strong faith in the members, since and even before 2016.

BTS members were deeply touched by Bang Si Hyuk’s letter. It is, perhaps, this irreplaceable bond between the boys and their producer is what fueled BTS to break boundaries and reach the top.

Source: Insight


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