Bang Si Hyuk’s Photocard Collection Led Him Straight To The Depths Of ARMY’s Targets To Rob

Be careful, Bang PD!

For every K-Pop fan, there is one thing that manages to make them weak and powerless when it comes to the industry, and that is photocards. Whether it is the need for fans to pull their bias or to buy them separately to make sure a set is completed, it is more of a lifestyle than just collecting cards with idols’ faces on it.

One group that certainly isn’t a stranger to producing beautiful and highly sought-after photocards is BTS!

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

In particular, certain photocards can go for hundreds of dollars, and Jin even tried to persuade Mcdonald’s to provide photocards with their meals.

Well, it seems as if one person definitely has his pick of all the best BTS photocards, and unsurprisingly, it is former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk (known as Bang PD).

The company held their HYBE Briefing With The Community on YouTube, where they shared the plans for 2022, including new groups, webtoons, games, and much more.

One of the more controversial announcements was about NFT, which is a form of cryptocurrency. Although the concept can seem confusing to many people, Bang Si Hyuk chose to explain it with something that fans know all about: photocards!

To make it easier for you to understand, I’ve brought something that has a special meaning to fans: the photocards fans collect.

— Bang Si Hyuk

However, despite the information he was going into about the scheme, ARMYs couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful array of photocards he was holding in his hands as he started to explain what it all meant. In particular, fans couldn’t get over how gently he was holding them.

When the video was released, fans couldn’t get over the fact that Bang PD was holding these photocards with such care, and for many, it was something they could never imagine!

In particular, one user noticed that the photocards Bang Si Hyuk was holding were actually the exclusive HYBE photocards from the lucky draw for the album BE. Along with other users, it seemed like Bang Si Hyuk might need to be careful as he is definitely on ARMYs rob list.

Although it might not be a personal preference but a perk of being the former CEO of HYBE, ARMYs are definitely very jealous, and it is no surprise why. Lucky draw cards are both difficult to find and expensive.

You can watch the whole video below.