Bang Si Hyuk Was Quite The Handsome Man During His Youth — Here’s The Proof

What did he look like during his young producing days?

Bang Si Hyuk is known for his success in building up his own company, Big Hit Entertainment, and growing it into HYBE Labels. However, prior to that, he was working as a producer known as Hitman Bang. He worked with many producers, such as Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment himself. Curious as to what he looked like in the past? Read more to find out.

On an old show by SBS, he was featured as a genius songwriter. In his 30s, he was quite the handsome young man.

He also played judge for many an audition program, alongside Park Jin Young.

An old photo shared by one of his past acquaintances gives off serious film aesthetic vibes.

| Hankyung

He really was quite handsome! As he faced stress and a severe workload later on while managing his company, he put on weight in his 40s. No matter, as long as he is healthy, what more could fans wish for?