Bang Si Hyuk Recalls His First Impression of Rain When He Was Just a Kid in High School

Believe it or not, Rain auditioned for Bang Si Hyuk back when he was just a teenager.

In the first episode of Mnet‘s I-LAND, fellow producers, Bang Si Hyuk and Rain met where Bang Si Hyuk recalled what he remembered about Rain from back when Rain auditioned for him.

According to Rain, he first auditioned for Bang Si Hyuk when he was in 2nd year of high school.

And he confessed that he was scared of Bang Si Hyuk at the time.

This feels so weird. When I was in 2nd year of high school, I went to you and auditioned. To me, you were really scary back then. Because I got scolded a lot during those days.

– Rain

As if that wasn’t news enough to those who didn’t know that Rain and Bang Si Hyuk once had a trainee and composer relationship, Bang Si Hyuk shared what he thought about Rain at the time.

You were someone I respected.

– Bang Si Hyuk

But his compliments didn’t stop there. Bang Si Hyuk even went on to describe Rain as a superstar and a role model.

In my opinion, I thought you were a global star ever since you came out with ‘How to Avoid the Sun.’ What I remember the most clearly is how I thought you’d be a role model after seeing you drip in sweat and recording.

– Bang Si Hyuk

And regarding getting scolded, Bang Si Hyuk confessed that he doesn’t remember that part.

I don’t remember anything about scolding you in the beginning though.

– Bang Si Hyuk

In contrast to the past, the former trainee is now a respected artist with his own company while the once composer is now a world-famous founder and co-CEO of BigHit Entertainment.

I-LAND is a new K-pop artist survival program established by CJ ENM and BigHit Entertainment. The show airs every Friday at 11 PM KST.

Source: Dispatch