Fans Spot A Painfully Funny Detail In Bang Si Hyuk’s Photo

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Bang Si Hyuk‘s photo only needs one: “AHHHHHHH!” 

Bang Si Hyuk 

Last year, Bang Si Hyuk’s agency, HYBEmerged with Scooter Braun‘s investment company, Ithaca Holdings. Fans of HYBE artists, such as BTS and TXT, have been anticipating collaborations with artists like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato, who are under the Ithaca Holdings umbrella. What they didn’t expect, however, was for Bang Si Hyuk and Scooter Braun to become besties.

HYBE’s headquarters in South Korea. | HYBE/Facebook

These music moguls have been sharing photos and videos from their hangouts, on Instagram. Bang Si Hyuk uploaded this photo with his “bro” as his first post.

On February 8, Scooter Braun shared photos and videos from a bromantic fishing trip with friends. Here, they netted what BTS’s Jin might describe as a “Super Tuna.”

At first glance, Bang Si Hyuk seems to be laughing or yelling in excitement. Fans, however, spotted a painfully funny detail that tells a different story!

Bang Si Hyuk (center) with friends. | @scooterbraun/Instagram

One of the “bros” is stepping on his foot!

It’s no wonder he looks like this!

(P.S. Send help, please. He might need it!)

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