Bang Si Hyuk Seemingly Showcases His Support For BTS’s Jin By Channeling His Inner “Super Tuna” On Instagram

Bang PD x Jin collaboration, when?

When it comes to the friendship between K-Pop idol groups and owners of their company, none come close to the relationship between BTS and HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Bang PD and Hitman Bang). Over the years, Bang Si Hyuk has always been supportive of the group.

Bang Si Hyuk and BTS | BigHit Entertainment

Well, netizens have recently shared their thoughts that Bang Si Hyuk is continuing to showcase his support for the group in any way possible. Scooter Braun (CEO of HYBE America) recently posted images and videos of himself and Bang Si Hyuk doing some fishing.

| @scooterbraun/ Instagram
| @scooterbraun/ Instagram  

However, although many netizens have had mixed feelings over the merger with Ithaca Holdings, they couldn’t get over one particular picture posted of Bang Si Hyuk.

In the photo, Bang Si Hyuk was seen smiling widely after successfully catching a large fish, which was so big that it needed to be held up by three people.

| @scooterbraun/ Instagram

Yet, despite the impressive size of the fish, netizens could only think of one person and it was BTS’s Jin! At the end of 2021, Jin sent the internet into a frenzy by releasing his beloved track “Super Tuna.”

From the catchy lyrics to adorable dance, it quickly became hot news with netizens and celebrities worldwide taking part in the “Super Tuna” challenge.


Of course, it isn’t surprising that netizens thought it was a reference to “Super Tuna.” Many even joked that the picture was similar to something Jin has posted in the past.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse
| Weverse

As soon as the images were shared, netizens on social media couldn’t get enough of the image and the alleged references to “Super Tuna.” Many jokingly believed that Jin would be upset because Bang Si Hyuk went fishing without him.

Others explained that it was just showcasing his support for “Super Tuna” no matter where he goes. Netizens even joked that they wanted to see Bang Si Hyuk do the “Super Tuna” challenge.

Yet, it wouldn’t be the first time Bang Si Hyuk and Jin have showcased they are #bffgoals. The duo has dinner dates together…

| Weverse

Sneakingly taking selfies with each other…

| Weverse

And there was even the time Bang Si Hyuk got a birthday wake-up call from Jin!


Hopefully, the two can reunite soon and go fishing together so that neither gets jealous. Maybe, there could even be a “Super Tuna” collaboration on the cards because it would send the internet into meltdown.

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Source: @scooterbraun