BTS’s Jin Wakes Up His Bestie, Bang Si Hyuk, On His Birthday 

Office hours don’t apply to “Jin Hit.”

Today, BTS held their first-ever Zoom party and Jin hosted a live broadcast, but August 9th marks another special occasion for ARMY: Bang Si Hyuk‘s birthday!

Bang Si Hyuk (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

Chairman Bang, the founder and former co-CEO of HYBE, turns 49 years old today. Without him, the man BTS affectionally calls “PD-nim,” there would be no HYBE or BTS. Bang Si Hyuk has believed in BTS since day one and helped shape them into the global stars they are today.

BTS with Bang Si Hyuk (center) in 2014.

During his live broadcast, Jin dropped hints about a possible collaboration, told a behind-the-scenes story about Run BTS!, and called Bang Si Hyuk to wish him a happy birthday.

“Ahhhh PD-nim!” Jin exclaimed when Bang Si Hyuk answered the phone. “Happy Birthday! What are you doing? You’re in bed?”

Jin started his broadcast at 10:37 PM (KST), which means it was around 11:00 PM when he called up his boss. “How could you be sleeping already when you’re the busiest person in Korea?” Jin teased. “Oh, you have to wake up early tomorrow?” 


Rather than letting the man sleep, Jin put Bang Si Hyuk on speakerphone for every ARMY in the world to hear. “Ooh hang on,” Jin said. “PD-nim, is it okay if your voice goes out on V Live?” 

In typical “Jin Hit” fashion, Jin asked for permission after switching to speakerphone.

Bang Si Hyuk: Isn’t it going out already?

Jin: Well, yeah.

Bang Si Hyuk: Exactly…

Jin: It is live already, but I just wanted to run it by you.

Bang Si Hyuk: I think you’re a tad bit late.

— Jin and Bang Si Hyuk’s phone call

“Anyway, PD-nim,” Jin said, smoothly changing the subject. “Why are you going to bed this early on your birthday night? Would you like me to come over right now?!” 


Just say the word, and he’s there! Hopefully, this means we’ll be getting another Jin x Bang PD hangout soon.

Jin wasn’t the only HYBE artist to wish Bang Si Hyuk a happy birthday. Find out what happened when TXT‘s Soobin called:

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