BTS’s Jin Reveals The Real Reason Why He Played A Teacher On “Run BTS!”

He shared the story during his latest live broadcast.

BTS‘s variety show Run BTS! has 145 hilarious episodes, but Episodes 112 and 113 are two of the most iconic.

BTS in Episode 113 | Run BTS!/Weverse

In these episodes, Jin was cast as a teacher and put in charge of an unruly class. Like true students, BTS’s other members constantly tested Jin’s patience and questioned his authority.

V (left). Suga (middle) questioned Jin’s teaching qualifications. | Run BTS!/Weverse

Jin tolerated plenty of nonsense, but he could only take so much. At one point, he even kicked Jungkook out of the class for being too noisy. “Be quiet!” Jin thundered. “Get out! Get out and keep your hands raised!” 

| Run BTS!/Weverse

In Jin’s latest live broadcast, he revealed that he wasn’t originally supposed to be BTS’s teacher. All seven members were scripted as students.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Jin’s role was changed from student to teacher because he had over-exercised his legs the day before. In his condition, it would have been difficult to safely play the limbo game and participate in other physical challenges.

V carrying Suga for the limbo challenge. | Run BTS!/Weverse

That day, even walking was difficult for Jin. Since he could barely move his legs, he had to hobble around like a penguin!

Jin demonstrating how stiffly he walked during Run BTS!‘s filming. 

In the end, it all worked out for the best. Teacher Jin is a legendary character, and we can’t imagine “DALBANG School” being any other way!

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