The Top 10 BTS-Proven Ways To Drive Your Teachers Insane

Tips and tricks from DALBANG School’s most annoying students.

BTS perfected the art of annoying their DALBANG School “teachers” on Run BTS! Here are the top 10 ways that you too can drive your teachers insane.

1. Question their qualifications

After spending years of their life and thousands of dollars on post-secondary education, teachers love answering questions like Suga‘s…not.

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2. Bring up embarrassing moments from their personal life

Sometimes, students forget that teachers have lives outside of the classroom, but maybe that’s a good thing. When brought up Teacher Suga’s Big Hit Entertainment audition, it was game over!

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3. Disrupt their lessons by being as annoying as possible

Teacher Jin could handle just about anything his brats–er, students–threw at him, but Jungkook‘s pencil tapping was the last straw.

He shouted at him to pipe down then kicked him out!

4. Play with your phone in class

When Jimin took selfies, Teacher Jin was not having it. He shouted, “No selfies!”, and made him hand over his phone.

5. Tell them how uncool you think they are

When Teacher Jin was telling his class about the losing team’s penalty, he made a punny joke with wordplay.

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His students weren’t amused, and they let him know it.

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Thankfully, the staff appreciated his wit!

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6. Destroy school supplies (that they probably paid for)

RM nearly gave Teacher Suga an aneurysm when he tried to write on the chalkboard with a marker. “No, that’s not it!” Suga cried.

7. Cheat on tests

When Jin handed out a “spot the difference” picture quiz, Suga accused RM of cheating, but RM denied it.

Teachers have enough to deal with without adding their students’ cheating and excuses to the list!

8. Jump ahead in the lesson

When Jin gave a lesson on the Hokey Pokey, Jungkook peeked at his cue cards. “Stop staring,” Jin said, hitting his neck.

9. Get into fights

Nothing grates on a teacher’s nerves and ruins their lesson plan like a good old fashioned fistfight.

Save your drama for after class, please.

10. Throw them a pity party

Teachers have it tough, but the last thing they want is for their students to feel sorry for them.

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Feel sorry for yourselves, you ingrates!

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