TXT’s Soobin Wished Bang PD A Happy Birthday, But It Didn’t Go Exactly How He Planned

Everybody makes mistakes! 😂

August 9 is a very special day in the K-Pop calendar because it marks the birthday of former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk, also known as Hitman Bang or Bang PD. As expected, many artists from the company will want to wish him the best on his special day, and that included TXT!

Some of the TXT members with Bang PD | Weverse

However, it seems as if it didn’t go exactly to plan for everyone! TXT recently sat down with fans on a live broadcast and updated them on everything from their comeback, filming with Jessi, and much more!


In particular, they discussed the text message leader Soobin had sent to Bang PD on his birthday. Beomgyu revealed that his older brother had made a bit of a blunder when sending the text.

This hyung sent a birthday message to Bang PD but accidentally sent the one of the rabbit being thrown into the trash can emoji instead, so he said I’m sorry.

— Beomgyu


It seems as if Soobin made a huge mistake when he was trying to send emojis with the text, and it is a hugely relatable issue that everyone has been through.

I didn’t know I sent the wrong one. I wanted to send the clapping emoji but accidentally sent the one below it of the rabbit being thrown in the trash can.

— Soobin


For anyone who doesn’t know the emoji Soobin is talking about, it was literally a rabbit throwing another rabbit into the bin. It was the nature of the emoji that made it even funnier for Beomgyu!

Yet, Soobin quickly noticed his mistake and tried to do his best to correct his mistake, unfortunately, it was a bit too late!

I tried to delete the message, but it didn’t work. Bang PD hasn’t replied back yet…

— Soobin


It isn’t the first time the group has shared their touching birthday wishes that they sent Bang PD with fans. Last year, the members also sent some adorable messages in their group chat, to which Bang PD replied with some cute reactions!

Yeonjun: Oh my god oh my god Sihyuk PD happy birthday >< Going forward, I will become an artist that can take the other person down with my rap, dance and singing skills. Thank you always.

Taehyun: *sends happy birthday emoticon*

Bang PD: Ahhhh! keke *sends oh yeah emoticon*

| WeverseThere is no denying that Bang PD has the best relationship with his artists, and he probably didn’t think anything of Soobin’s mistake! Hopefully, he replies soon so that Soobin doesn’t have to worry!

You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: VLIVE