Bang Si Hyuk Treated TXT To A Jaw-Droppingly Expensive Meal

They spent a pretty penny on just one dish alone.

TXT never misses a chance to update fans about their daily lives through Weverse, especially when it comes to what each member had eaten that day.

Image credit: @sunsetsoobin

Keeping in line with their routine, Taehyun decided to upload a photo of a meal they’d all had together. This time, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk had also been in attendance.

For his Weverse story, Taehyun revealed a photo where Beomgyu and Hueningkai were in plain view along with the caption, “A fancy meal with Hitman Bang.” Without the caption blocking the view, there was even more to see.

Bang Si Hyuk was right there beside Beomgyu. Since only two members were visible, some fans were wondering where the other three were. Upon looking closer at the stickers covering their faces, Taehyun is on the other side of Bang Si Hyuk while Yeonjun and Soobin seem to be beside Hueningkai.

While that was one thing that caught everyone’s attention, the food each of them was holding toward the center of the table took the spotlight. That was enough to have fans searching for the restaurant.

Located in the fancy neighborhood of Gangnam, TXT and Bang Si Hyuk were eating at Woo Tender. The food they’ree holding is part of a four-piece dish that’s flecked with gold and priced at $51 USD per serving.

Since they were a party of more than four people, two servings alone already topped $100 USD without even considering the other dishes they ate. Altogether, the meal definitely cost a pretty penny.

With that in mind, a fan took to Weverse. They commented their astonishment along with a question many were wondering: “Wow, who paid for it?”

Showing familiarity by not using his full name and instead using a fun one, Taehyun simply responded with, “Hitman Bang.”

Since TXT love to eat, what better way for Bang Si Hyuk to treat them than to a fancy meal? Not only does he look after his artists, but he makes sure to boost their spirits—even right after they’ve apologized for funny mishaps.