Beautiful Female Idols Who Aren’t Afraid To Turn Into Complete Dorks

For many idols, appearing on a variety show might be a nerve-wracking experience, but these female idols totally own it!

Variety shows are full of hilarious and wacky moments where both cast members and guests have to be able to put themselves in embarrassing situations. While this can be terrifying for some idols who expect to look beautiful and elegant all the time, these 3 ladies show that not only are they beautiful on stage but also know how to make everyone laugh too.

G-Friend’s Yerin (Running Man)

In episode 237 of Running Man, the members initiate a dance battle and Yerin quickly volunteers to show off her her unique but, adorable dance.

EXID’s Hani (Weekly Idol)

EXID’s Hani became a host for Weekly Idol between April and September. During this time, she showed how at home she felt in the variety world, even displaying her tomboyish charms and funny antics during this game!

I.O.I’s Choi Yoo Jung (Happy Together!)

During her appearance on Happy Together, Yoo Jung shows off her powerful imitation skills and surprised everyone when she gave a perfect imitation of an Orangutan! If you close your eyes, you won’t be able to tell the difference.