This Beautiful Korean Youtuber Looks So Young You’d Never Believe She Has 2 Children

This legendary ‘ulzzang’ already has two children and this is how she looks like now.

Hong Young Ki, now a Youtuber and CEO of a shopping mall got famous for her cute visuals and her appearance on Comedy TV’s Ulzzang Shidae.

Everyone loved her round face and adorable personality.

She got married when she was 21 to her husband Lee Se Yong who was 18 at the time, surprising netizens with her early marriage.

Now she has two sons, 5 and 3 years old, and having children did not change her beauty at all!

Netizens are surprised to see Hong Young Ki still looking super cute and trendy even after having two babies.

No one can believe that she is a mother of two children!

Some netizens are even suggesting that she still looks like a teenager.

Hong Young Ki vlogs about her life as a mother of two children on her Youtube channel and Instagram as well.

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Check out this beauty’s life as a mother in the video below:

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