The Magic Beautifying Tea That Celebrity Makeup Salons Give To Idols As Told By Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

This is how they look good first thing in the morning.

Ever wondered how celebrities stay gorgeous first thing in the morning? Turns out, there’s a magic beautifying tea that their salons feed them as they get their makeup done. It can be made with just regular ingredients in your kitchen, so read on to find out the secret recipe.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon shared the information on an episode of TaengKey Box. The salon that she goes to gives all their idol customers this tea. As she goes to OuiOui Atelier, this means that many idols such as the former members IZ*ONE, STAYC, Gugudan‘s Sejeong and more were all provided with this service too as they all go to the same place.

The recipe is simple. Just a cup of green tea mixed with honey or sugar!

The reason behind it is scientific. Green tea has catechins which help to debloat and depuff the face. It can also help in weight loss sometimes. However, the effects take some time to kick in and idols don’t have that luxury. They need to look gorgeous for the camera at any time! So adding sugar or honey will help to speed up the effects of the catechins. Some even recommend adding a squeeze of lemon as Vitamin C can also help speed up the effect.

This recipe is commonly called “Nokseol” or “Green tea sugar” amongst insiders. Raina from After School even specifically made a video about the drink once.

Make sure to try it out and tell us how it goes!