Here’s Why Bebe Rexha And TXT Haven’t Collaborated Yet

The American singer shared what’s slowing it down.

Ever since TXT made it onto Bebe Rexha‘s radar, thanks to Soobin being a major fan, many have wondered when the two artists would finally collaborate. In response to a fan, the American singer gave everyone the answer.


Bebe Rexha and TXT met for the first time through an Instagram live in 2020, where they discussed something that excited both artists and fans.

Bebe Rexha | BebeRexha/Twitter

Making TXT shout in excitement, Bebe Rexha suggested, “I’ve been finishing up my album now, so maybe we could do a collab ’cause I need a couple more songs. Maybe we could do a really cool collab together.” Although that had fans hyped, it didn’t seem to take off just yet.

TXT and Bebe Rexha. | Bebe Rexha/YouTube

Bebe Rexha recently took to social media to once again share her wish to collaborate with the group. Though Soobin spoke for them all when expressing how much they looked forward to it, the American singer revealed why the two artists have not collaborated yet.

I want to do a version of my song ‘Sacrifice’ with TXT! Let’s do it.

— Bebe Rexha

When a fan noted that the best way would be to “contact their company,” Bebe Rexha revealed it was easier said than done. She tweeted, “My team has been trying to reach their team. Not easy.

Since Big Hit Entertainment has been able to successfully release BTS‘s collaborations with artists such as Becky G, Nicki MinajZara Larsson, and Lil Nas X, there’s hope that Bebe Rexha and TXT will finally be able to do the collaboration that both artists have been looking forward to.

Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

Until then, fans will be waiting just as anxiously as Soobin while everything gets ironed out.