Who is Becky Armstrong? Meet The Gorgeous Actress Gaining Attention For Her Role In Thailand’s First GL Drama

She’s already done so much at just 20 years old!

Over the last few years, BL dramas (Boy Love) have gained a massive following around the globe. While Korea has been catching up, Thailand is the country that comes to mind when one mentions BL.

BL Dramas are so popular, in fact, that couples from the show often hold fan meetings — with K-Pop-styled lightsticks to match.

As of late, GL Dramas (Girl Love) have also seen a rise in popularity. The first GL Drama in Thailand, Gap: The Series, captured the attention of drama fans worldwide, especially because of the chemistry between the main actresses — “Freen” Sarocha Chankimha and Rebecca Becky Armstrong (also known as their couple name FreenBecky or FreenBeck).

“Freen” Sarocha Chankimha (left) and Rebecca “Becky” Armstrong (right) | Madan

After going viral for her attendance at BLACKPINK‘s Born Pink concert in Thailand, many have wondered exactly who Becky Armstrong is.

| @beccca___/Instagram

Becky Armstrong was born in 2002 to a Thai mother and a British father. Her first major television appearance was on Thailand’s Got Talent when she was thirteen.

She got her start in acting when she scored the role of an aged-up Thanya, the younger sister of the titular character Tharn, in TharnType The Series 2: 7 Years Of Love. Though this was her first role, she impressed fans with her chemistry with the rest of the cast.

| One 31
Becky (left) in the series special | One 31

Her next role came in 2022 in the drama Secret Crush On You as Fon.

Secret Crush On You Cast | Idol Factory
| Idol Factory

This drama was the first time fans got to see her and Freen, also playing a supporting role, interact flirtatiously, setting the scene for Becky’s most significant role to date.

On November 19, Gap: The Series debuted, starring Becky and Freen as two coworkers who must overcome hurdles to preserve their love, including an age gap and the royal status of Freen’s character Sam.

| Idol Factory
| Idol Factory

With this series, Becky was also able to flex her singing skills, singing four different songs on the drama’s soundtrack.

Though the drama ended in mid-February, Becky has remained busy, making appearances and even preparing for their next set of fan meetings, where it is said she and Freen will announce their next project.

| Idol Factory

Her next project, a movie titled Love Live Love, will be released this summer.

This young star is making waves with her career, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!


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