Go Behind The Scenes Of “Knowing Brothers” With the Goofy Members Of SEVENTEEN

Get ready for some laughs

CARATs it’s your lucky day as Knowing Brothers released a behind the scenes video of the boys of SEVENTEEN from the show’s taping.

Still from Knowing Brothers Behind The Scenes | YouTube

The 13 members of the boy group are shown preparing for the show as they fill out the questionnaires provided by the variety program. In this particular segment, the members of SEVENTEEN ask member THE8 what he wants to be when he’s older to which he replies,

I want to be an artist.


Fans can also see members S.Coups, Mingyu, and Dino taking a break and playing the ever popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. S. Coups is crushing it!

Members S. Coups and DK also talk about what they enjoyed about the show and their favorite parts of their time on the show.

The adorable maknae of the group Dino finished off the video by saying:

All the sunbaes really made sure we were comfortable so we had fun filming Knowing Brothers today. They worked really hard. Also, please look forward to our HOME;RUN promotions.


Be sure to check out the behind the scenes of SEVENTEEN’s appearance on Knowing Brothers.

Source: YouTube and Naver


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