Berry Good’s Johyun Stirs up Controversy by Expressing “Chinese People Should Be Banned From Korea”

“Let’s save the Koreans first.”

Berry Good‘s Johyun recently expressed her opinion on the coronavirus outbreak and stirred up significant controversy with her remarks.


The idol shared a screenshot of content suggesting that Chinese people should be banned from entering Korea in order to “save the Koreans first before taking any other measures“.

This is due to the recent news that around 70,000 students from China will be flooding in after their vacations without any strict regulations from the Korean government.

Although some Korean netizens agreed with Johyun, many expressed their discomfort and accused her of discrimination.

In response to the malicious comments that began flooding in, Johyun questioned why people were being so sensitive.

Calm down… I’ll try to be easygoing, but who cares if you’re talking out of true sincerity if you’re busy ripping me apart? I just want everyone to be healthy and well, and there are many people who think this is unfair. So why are you overthinking it?

– Johyun


But the malicious comments didn’t stop, so Johyun responded once more.

I just resonated with the last sentence, ‘Let’s save the Koreans first.’ That’s all I agreed with, so please stop judging me so hard. I didn’t mean any harm. I apologize.

– Johyun

And not long afterward, Johyun’s agency expressed what she was meaning to say to Herald POP.

Johyun just wanted to express that she wants everyone to stay healthy. She didn’t have any other intention, and when she received unexpected comments, she apologized.

– Johyun’s Agency


The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Korea is currently standing at 1766.


Source: Dispatch