Berry Good’s Johyun Tells Story of How Her Father Fainted When He Found out She Debuted as an Idol

Johyun’s father fainted as soon as he saw a GIF that was circulating online.

Berry Good‘s Johyun recently appeared on MBC’s Video Star where she shared a story about how her father found out about her being an idol and why he fainted.

When asked if it was true that her father fainted after seeing a GIF of her 4 months following her debut, Johyun explained why she kept her debut a secret from her father.

I’m the type that has to do what I want, so I debuted with a girl group and didn’t tell my father because he would disapprove.

– Johyun


She then shared how her father ultimately found out.

My father saw a GIF of me on SNL and fainted. So my mom had to go and convince him.

– Johyun

And it all worked out for Johyun because her mother’s convincing worked.

At the time, my mom told him, ‘Let’s let our daughter do what she wants. What’s wrong with her being a little sexy? He cheers me on now. He’s proud.

– Johyun

Back in 2016, Johyun appeared in a skit with Yoo Se Yoon where they parodied the drama, W.

Just 4 months after her debut, Johyun gained the attention of many fans by showing off a sexy dance that put everybody on the edge of their seats.



Check out the clip that made Johyun’s father faint below:

Source: Dispatch